Kennedy and Theresa Hartsfield

 Dear Jane,

As first time home buyers, we quickly became overwhelmed with the amount of information there was on home buying and the wide range of homes there were on the market.  We are grateful that you were there to help sort through all of the information.  Whenever we had a question, or needed some advice, you gladly gave your time for us.  The search quickly became very efficient because you helped narrow down the options based on what we wanted.  You also got to know us, which helped even more because then you were able to anticipate what homes we would want to see.  By the end, it wasn’t a hard decision at all because the house we found was exactly what we wanted for our first home.

We want to thank you for the care you have given, the wonderful advice, and all your help with finding us our home.  We are glad to call you neighbor here in Glen Ellyn and look forward to seeing your smiling face around town!

Thank you with all our hearts,

Kennedy and Theresa Hartsfield


Matt Butler

Jane is a wonderful agent who will help you find the home you've been looking for! She knows the area, knows properties inside and out, and is just a nice, caring pro we were lucky to have on our side!

Judy Meyer

 Jane has always gone way beyond my expectations when dealing with her whether it was a rental situation or selling of property. if a problem occurred, jane was on the phone to me, then taking over when repairs had to be made as I was unable to be there. She has been my go-to-person for many contractual events and has never let me down. She goes the extra mile whether it is a high end seller or buyer Or a first time jump into a new home. From experience I can tell you that this is more often not the case.

John Vick

 She (Jane) has helped me two different times to find a new home once when I moved from Chicago to Glen Ellyn, IL in 2006 and again when I moved to Wheaton, IL in June of 2014. She is very knowledgeable about real estate and goes out of her way to be helpful.

Andy Martin

 I did not know Jane when I contacted her to show me some properties. She did a fantastic job and I was impressed with her. She always responded timely, listened to my requirements and then showed me properties meeting them, and was always pleasant to be around. If I buy or sell any properties, I will be contacting Jane!